mercredi 13 mai 2015

Our rates and how we work

Please bear in mind that our prices don't include skins, hair, eyes or clothes:

First offer : 500 LS/per hour

Counseling and guiding around the shops,  time flies, you'll probably need two hours to be able to choose what you wish .

Offer 2: 1500 LS
We make you a unique shape and a style card where you can find LM of the best skins hair and eyes.

One of our creations 
Offer 3: 3000 LS
Your exclusive shape, a style card with the best skins, hair , eyes, AO and a few suggestions for clothes according to your taste.

Offer 4: 6000 LS
Your exclusive shape, we find for you the best skins, hair styling,  eyes and AO (if you don't have one) and we do several propositions, different clothes styling according to your needs at the agency, we accompany you in shops with styling advises for 2 hours, at once or following your availability.
A styling card with all visited LM's.

We stay at your disposal for 15 days if you want to change something in your shape or want some more counseling.

Fees are payable in advance, except for the offer 4 that can be divided in 2 payments, one in advance, the second when you receive your shape.
Payments are not reimbursable, unless a technical failure from our part.

All the requests you do are confidential and exclusive

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